Firm profile

Létourneau Gagné Avocats s.e.n.c.r.l., is a law firm composed of pleading lawyers specialized in civil and commercial litigation, particularly in professional liability of financial advisors and investment dealers.

During the years, our lawyers have successfully represented numerous clients in cases involving claims totaling tens of millions of dollars against financial institutions, financial services firms and investment banks, in negotiation as well as before the main judicial authorities, such as the Supreme Court of Canada.

Our firm has acquired a recognized knowledge in its fields of practice, what makes us a standout leader in the development of legal argumentation and jurisprudence regarding professional liability of various financial interveners towards their customers.

Judgments rendered in favor of our clients in cases such as: A. Laflamme et al. v. Société de courtage Prudential-Bache (Canada) Ltée, Markarian et al. v. Marchés mondiaux CIBC inc., Dolmen inc. v. Nesbitt Burns Ltée, R. Chabot et al. v. Financière Banque Nationale et J. Sirois et al. v. Planification financière Marcotte & Marcotte inc. et Financière Partenaire Cartier inc., figure amongst the most outstanding judgments of the last decade in this domain and are also part of the authorities regularly cited by authors and jurisprudence.

Loyalty towards our clients is amongst our firm’s first ranked values. Therefore, in order to preserve our total independence, we only represent private clients and do not accept any mandates from financial institutions.

Our services are available for all cities in the province of Quebec.